What is mAh on power bank?

People are always asking what mAh means when they hear about power bank and what it does. They want to know the difference between the amount of mAh in the devices and what this actually does. What you need to do is be able to know the most basic component of this product and we are about to tell you exactly what it does.

Laser engraving mah on the power bank
Genuine laser engraving 2,800mah on the power bank SP-01

We already know that the power bank is basically a battery that you charge and it can be used to distribute that energy to other devices such as mobile phones. This energy that is stored in the charger is measured in mAh (mili ampere per hour). This means that the larger the mAh, the more capacity the gadget will have for storing energy.

A good example is when you have an 8,000mAh power bank and another that is only 4,000mAh. The one with 8,000mAh will be able to charge longer or higher capacity digital devices. This is basically what makes the difference in the powerbank chargers that are available.

There is also some power loss to be taken into consideration and this means that if you have 10,000mAh, you might lose a thousand of those mAh to power consumption that is used during the transfer of the energy. The actual transfer rate of a decent power bank fitted with Original Samsung battery is between 80-85% depending on the storage capacity of the power bank.  Thus, a 10,000mah label on the power bank has maximum 8,500mah transfer rate in reality due to power loss.  The above figure is true for power bank fitted with Original Samsung battery only.  The actual transfer rate for OEM China battery power bank will be much lower at about 65-70%!!

For SP-01 power bank model, this power bank is fitted with 2,800mah rechargeable Samsung  Lithium-ion battery.  Calculate at 85% conversion rate, it has about 2,380mah ACTUAL output capacity .  For an Apple Iphone 5 which has 1,440mah battery,  it should be able to charge about 1.5 times before the mobile battery charger totally drain out from power.

This is basically what mAh is and how it’s distributed in the devices. The more mAh you have, the more things you can charge with it. The product cost is obviously increased by the capacity that it has. This is all you need to know in regards to mAh as a consumer and now you will be able to get the exact amount that you consider necessary for your needs.