Power bank Quality / Warranty

The power bank consists of 2 major components namely the rechargeable battery and the PCBA board that made the mobile power charger. Power bank are  made either using Lithium ion battery or Lithium polymer battery. There are OEM China battery and Original Samsung battery available in the market. The price difference are huge and this translate to the noticeable different type of quality for these 2 type of batteries.

Original samsung battery
                        Original Samsung rechargeable battery with serial number printed.

Advantageous of using Original Samsung Battery on power bank

less heat generated as compare to OEM China Battery. Overheat will accelerates the aging of the components  and shorten the shelf life of the battery.

built with overcharge circuit protection feature. The current will cut off by the overcharge prevention IC when the power bank is fully charged. There are many low quality OEM battery do not have this feature and might cause explosion of the battery due to overcharged.

actual power output translate rate is higher than OEM China Battery. The actual translate rate for the power bank with original Samsung battery is about 80%-85% whereas it is only 65%-70% for the China made battery with same capacity. You may read this article to understand further the meaning of actual translate rate of the power bank.

Power Bank Warranty
All our ready stock and custom order promotional power bank are made with Original Samsung battery with 6 months warranty due to manufacturing defects. Please note that warranty does not apply where damage is caused by factors including misuse, abuse, normal wear and tear of the printing and use of self-own power adapter to charge the power bank. The power bank can be charged with factory supplied power adapter and computer usb slot supply power only.  Kindly refer the power bank user manual available online before contact us for the warranty procedure.  The problems of the power bank might be able to solve after reading the manual.

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