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Power Bank Branding Services
Everybody knows that corporate gifts and business gifts are very efficient way to create awareness of a brand or products. These products have to be personalize with logo printing to inform the consumers of the gift of your company brand. Promotional power bank with personalized logo is a very practical promotional item in this technology age. The retention value of the gift is very much higher as compare to conventional promotional gifts. We are able to provide one stop service by personalize your power banks with silkscreen printing, pad printing or laser engraving depending on the shapes of the power bank and preference of the customers.

Power Bank Silkscreen Printing

power bank silkscreen printing
                                                  Power bank silkscreen printing
power bank gift box printing
                                         Black gift box with 1 color printing

In general, power bank is personalized using silkscreen printing. Screen printing is a printing technique that uses a woven mesh to support an ink-blocking stencil to receive a desired image as described by this wikipedia page. This is the most common printing method for a power bank with flat surface. It can be printed with 4 solid colours printing. The lasting of the printing is greatly depending on the user handling of the gift items.

Power Bank Pad Printing

power bank pad printing
                                                               Power bank pad printing
power bank with 4 solids color printing
                                                SP-13 power bank with 4 solids color printing pad printing

This printing method is applied to non flat surface or flat surface. Tube power bank has to be printed using this method as the surface is round. It has the capability to print 4 solid non overlapped colors also. It works to transfer the image from a rubber pad to the desire object with the pad printing machine. You may refer this pad printing video for explanation.

Power Bank Laser Engraving

Power bank laser engraving
                                               Power bank with laser engraving logo

There are customers who required the logo branding to be permanently on the power bank. Laser engraving is to be used because it can create long lasting branding on the mobile power charger. laser engraving can be applied to power bank with metal casing only. It uses the laser beam to engrave the upper metal surface to the desire logo or wording. The colour of the laser engraving is basically the base colour of the metal. It is normally white colour for power bank. Power bank is normally made with aluminium material.

Power bank laser engraving machine
                                                      In-house Laser engraving machine for power bank

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