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Best tips to choose the promotional power bank

Technology has become a very important thing in our lives and as time passes this will become even more essential around the world. We are always using portable technology in order to communicate with others. We have smartphones, portable mp3 players and tablets, all of these things with the purpose of making things easier for us in this fast paced world that we are living now.

All of these technological advances still require energy to be constantly transferred to them. They are completely useless when their batteries drain out and the only way to get them to work again is to connect them to a power source and this can be an inconvenient when you are traveling and you have no way to charge your device.

The power bank is the answer to all your problems and you will be able to have a charger on the go when you require it. If you need to by one of this chargers we recommend that you check the following Q&A to be able to make the best decision for your purchase.

Tell me the main differences between the available power banks?

Some people can be confused because all of the available power banks that are currently in the market, but the differences are various and they range from unit size, compatibility with several gadgets, cell quality, safety of design and many other things.

Could you tell me what types of battery an cell there are?

power ank cell battery comparison diagram
                          Power bank cell battery comparison

The battery that is used inside the power banks can also be completely different. Some of the batteries available are equipped with high end Original Samsung battery while others have OEM China made battery instead. The high end Original Samsung battery will always have a higher cost.  Please check this power bank quality article if you would like to know more.

What are the charging habits that most people have and why is it important for people to pay attention to safety measures implemented in a power bank?

People will usually charge their power bank during the night while they sleep and this is why it’s important that you have a good quality device that won’t malfunction and become a fire hazard in your home. You should always go for the top quality selections if you want to avoid any accident because of poor quality devices.

How do I decide which promotional power bank is better for me?

Always look for the reliable power bank supplier that able to offer you the most affordable prices. This way you will be selecting the best build and you will be investing in something safer and more efficient.

Always check the following things from the suppliers:


What kind of safety measures have been taken for this particular product. While you be able to feel safe by leaving this charger connected to an electrical outlet at night?


What rechargeable battery of the power bank? Has it been manufactured by professionals or it is a hybrid of parts that might not meet the standards of quality that you need?

Product design:

Is the gadget able to connect several kinds of devices to it? Does it have a solid build?


Is the product made with very strong parts that are going to ensure that it lasts many years and it functions properly every time you need it?


Are you getting a reasonable warranty for the product you have purchased? This is a very important thing to consider because you don’t want to buy something that could stop working within a week and you are stuck with a malfunctioning investment in your hands.