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How to take care of Power Bank?

Advance technology nowadays was able to produce various kinds of high-end gadgets, from mp3, cell phones, laptop, and may more that is very useful for work, everyday life or even entertainment and since majority of people at the present time uses their gadgets almost everyday, sustaining or extending the battery life can be a little difficult, that is why power banks has been invented, so that they can charge their gadgets, anytime and anywhere to maximize its performance.

Power banks became famous because of the people’s demand. Since one or two batteries for their gadgets usually do not last for the whole day. This gadget is also perfect for those who love to travel and go to different places and would not have electricity on their way to charge their gadgets. It is very useful especially when a person loves to document every happening and important events that might occur on the way. This product is very handy and portable. That is why taking good care of this product can be a little difficult for some.

Here are some very useful tips on how to take good care of their power banks, to ensure great performance:

Use original powerbank charger only – Just in case the original charger has been damaged, make sure to buy an original charger and do not use class A chargers that is usually cheaper than the original. It may not provide sufficient voltage that this gadget needs to provide a quality charge. Using not original charger may cause damage to this device as well.

Charge it once in a while – If the device would not be used for a long time, charge it at least once a month so that it would not be damaged, and it would not affect the charging capacity of this device.

Do not disassemble – Never open or disassemble this device just to check the inside or change something inside, this may cause damage to the device and might lost some parts of it.

Keep it dry – Water can definitely damage this device so as much as possible do not expose this device to extreme temperatures that may cause water or moisture damage. There are a lot of protective cases that they can buy as a protection for this gadget.

Power bank care
               Do not drop the power bank into the water!!!

Do not connect any device while charging – It is very important to do not connect any kind of gadget while power bank is charging, this may cause the device to overheat or may cause technical damage to their gadget.

Do not overcharge – Never leave the power bank charging overnight or overcharged it. This may cause the device to overheat.

Avoid dropping it – As much as possible, avoid dropping it, this may cause internal or physical damage. Try to look for protective case as additional protection for this gadget.

We suggest you always refer to the power bank user manual  for the correct operating procedure. Different models have different operating instruction from the factories. Also, always purchase powerbank from the trusted power bank supplier, this will minimize your risk in getting a inferior product.

Those are some very useful tips on how to take good care of their power banks so that a person can enjoy maximum performance of their gadgets and charge it conveniently whenever needed.

3 reasons why power banks can explode?

For the products that are heavily dependent on batteries in terms of obtaining power, the strength and reliability of the power bank involved is of crucial importance. It is vital to design and manufacture such batteries that are long lasting and durable, in order to make the product connected to these, more consistent. However, regardless of the quality of the power bank at the time of manufacturing, it can still fail due to other factors involved. The extreme forms of such catastrophes are “fire threats” and “explosions”. An increasing number of such cases have been reported in the past few years. A small number of the total factors that can potentially cause such letdowns of power banks are discussed below:

power bank security
                                                                               Power Bank Security Diagram

1)Poor Rechargeable Battery Quality

The quality of the battery is vital for the overall functioning of the power bank. It is the foremost factor that can cause the battery to explode. They carry heavy manufacturing costs with them. Most of the companies use Lithium-ion batteries and Lithium-Polymer batteries for the power banks. Then again, some companies use cheaper Lithium-ion batteries to reduce the manufacturing cost of the power bank. This creates potential hazards for their safety. Also, some small brands use recycled batteries. While this allows them to sale the power banks at a much lower price than those with standard batteries, it also produces critical safety risks.

2) Inefficient Circuit Design

Another aspect that can potentially cause the power bank to explode is the inefficient circuit design. A circuit design can affect many performance related elements of a power bank. A good circuit design ensures that the power bank is well equipped with the important circuit protections crucial to the dependability of the power bank. These precautions include overvoltage, short circuit, and the fluctuations in temperature. If the circuit design is not in line with the safety standards of the battery, the risk of power banks exploding increases.

3) Mishandling/Improper Usage

Mishandling of the battery can also be one of the factors that can cause the power bank to explode. Mishandling of battery includes exposing the battery to the unsafe environment such as high temperature or humidity. Many people take precautions in order to avoid mishaps caused by the exposure of battery to such an environment, but accidents, such as spilling water on the battery or mistakenly leaving the battery in a heated area, can lead to the unfortunate incident. Another incorrect handling of batteries is overcharging, especially when the power bank does not have the power protection features equipped with the battery. Please refer this article if you would like to know more the correct ways to take care your power banks.

The phenomenon of a power bank exploding is dangerous and can lead to regrettable incidents. If safety measures are taken, the threat cause of power banks exploding increases significantly. Having proper circuit design, ensuring the quality of the battery, avoiding the overcharging malpractice of power banks, equipping them with the power protection features, and avoiding the exposure of batteries to humidity and heat can almost scratch off the probability of the potential hazards related to the power banks.

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